Welcome to Ellipsis

Ellipsis is an emerging exploration company focused on locating significant mineral resources in Aghracha, Morocco.

Critical minerals for a cleaner, greener future

We are perfectly placed to respond to growing global demand for critical minerals that support the increasing shift towards renewable energy and clean technology.

A focus on Vanadium and Rare-Earth Elements

Ellipsis is undergoing exploration of the greater Aghracha region for vanadium and rare-earth elements, which have numerous applications in infrastructure, transport, energy, and consumer electronics. With the ever-growing need for a sustainable, low-carbon future, critical minerals are instrumental in paving the way.

“A low-carbon future is coming—and vanadium may play a big role”

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Our focus for the future

The total licensed area for exploration is located in the Saharan region, at the western part of the Reguibate Ridge. In addition to proven potential in iron, titanium and vanadium, the positioning of the site is extremely advantageous, owing to its easy access and proximity to essential infrastructures.

Vast Technical Experience

Our established team at Ellipsis is highly experienced and skilled, with exemplary technical and corporate expertise.