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As your premier partner for mineral exploration in the MENA region, we bring to the table industry leadership and expansive interests in over 5000 square kilometres teeming with mineral resources.

World-Class Vanadium Prospect

Our portfolio is diverse and includes a world-class vanadium prospect. Through our extensive rock chip sampling operations, we consistently achieve high-grade results, with values hovering around 79% Fe2O3, 11% TiO2, and 1.3% V2O5. We have a confirmed resource of 20 million tonnes, and an inferred 70 million tonnes.

Magnetite Iron Ore Prospect

Our magnetite iron ore prospect proudly boasts a 2.92 billion tonnes of magnetite quartzite – which includes a 40% dilution factor. The ore quality is high, demonstrating a range of 43.4% -78.0% Fe2O3, with the balance being SiO2 in the form of quartz. These values align with direct shipping ores (DSO) standards, and the levels of deleterious elements such as V, Ti, and P are impressively low.

Promising Gold Prospect

We have successfully identified a significant gold mineralisation system, along with two other distinct gold opportunities. 

Our gold mineralisation system is directly north of the renowned Tasiast Gold Mine in Mauritania.  Our tenements encompass a number of artisanal operations. 


Rare Earth Elements (REE) and Chrome Prospects

Our commitment to exploring and exploiting a variety of mineral resources is evident in our Rare Earth Elements (REE) prospect and chrome prospect.

Commitment to Sustainability

At Ellipsis Mining, our operations are underpinned by a strong commitment to sustainable and responsible mining practices. We ensure the longevity of our operations through careful resource management and a focus on environmental stewardship.

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Join us in unearthing the treasures beneath the surface and unlocking the vast potential of the mineral wealth in the MENA region. With Ellipsis Mining, the possibilities are as expansive as the landscapes we explore.